Alex Koetter
10th Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact 1 and Narrative: Two Voice Poem

They came like vampires in the night,
dwelling upon families to join their clan with the intention of fright
With a gruesome oath, the innocent became like their master,
and those who refused were marked by death's plaster
Imagining an uncle or aunt, invading my home,
taking my family and forcing them to join a murderous tribe sends chills down my spine
I was gifted to shoot like a pro and prepared for situations most children are not
I trust a gun by my side, and I know I will not have to run or hide
I am blessed by God's angels from the Heaven above,
and I watch from my window as the angels release the white dove
I am not surrounded by death and war,
but I know the feeling of loss for my mother was a druggie and whore
And now that she has passed, I know the feeling of loss, remorse and depression
and my depression became music which then became obsession
I am blessed to know my family is all together,
but there in the native's land they are lost forever
O how I wish I could save the world,
but I know not enough people to help me in my quest
It is hard for some to reach down into their hearts,
but please notice they starve and we fill up our grocery carts
We waste what some would treasure,
but yet we still scrape the left overs in the trash in bulk measures.

I chose to write a poem for I am fond of poetry. I feel that writing this poem allowed me to vent. I was also able express how my research has effected me emotionally. Knowing we have not, and maybe will not be working with poetry, I took advantage of writing a free verse poem. A poem to me is my emotions put into black ink words and printed to sheep white paper. I love challenging myself on finding rhyming words, and when I don't it frustrates me. So even though some lines may not rhyme, they make sense. The lines are blended well together for no confusion. I hope the one's who read my poem, will understand the plot and meaning of my story.

My poem explains the selfishness of we Americans, feasting and wasting. In most situations poverty has stricken Kenya like a plague and starvation has taken its toll on the innocent natives. War and loss can change a person drastically. I know of this feeling and many can not. Yes, loosing grandparents is not fun, but loosing your own mother at twelve has changed me forever. All of the people in Kenya that have lost family, know of the empty feeling as well.

Multigenre Artifact 2 and Narrative: Storybook

I drew out a comic because my original plan was to make a movie about a group of gangsters, invading an innocent girl's home. They would know her parents were away and they planned to taker her. They would force her into joining their gang or she would die. As the Boss held his gun to her tear stained cheek, he told her, her fate. She chose to live and proceeded to be raped. She soon was unknowingly pregnant and participated in the raiding of other innocent families. When Alex, the girl, found out she was pregnant she ran away in hope of keeping her baby safe from the dangerous life of a gangster.

I like the plot of my comic because it's realistic. To everyone's dismay, gang raids happen every day. It may never happen to one of us, because we are blessed to live in the safer parts of town. I also chose to draw and write a comic because it gives me the chance to show my artistic side. I've been drawing since I've been able to pick up a pencil. In kindergarten I could draw the best fairy, or the best Cinderella. But now I can draw the best landscape scene, the best castles creeping on the steep hills of Transylvania.

Multigenre Artifact 3 and Narrative: Original Song

In the heart of the angel,her arms do all but mangle. She looks up as the white sheep clouds clear, and she sees the one she holds near and dear. But through all the calamity her prediction became his conviction as he fell to the greenery, and she saw what only could be descrobed as a horrid scenery. She dropped to her knees by his side, and her tears screamed freedom but still they hide. She grasped his hand and looked out upon her land as his eyes peeked sadness but in all darkness she saw the gladness that he would be set free, to cheer with glee. She watches as he spreads his expanding wings and what joy this sight brings.

My song is obviously about an angel, but I went deeper than just any angel as the character. The angel is Africa. She looks out upon her land, Africa looks out upon her land. Africa looks at the one she holds near and dear. He is her resources. His uprising is freedom. I feel that this song shows the powerfulness words can bring to just a piece of paper and ink.

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