Alexandra C
10th World Honors Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact 1: Fanfiction

I chose to write a fanfiction because this puts a character of my choosing into the story. It is also a great way for me to actually have to know what I am talking about because I am adding a thread to the story. As a writer I like doing things like this so that I understand better. Even though my character in this is not a native she gets wrapped into the genocide, and loses her adoptive parents. Even though being an orphan is not our issue it is an issue and so I chose to add that as well. I believe fanfictions help to understand stories better, even if they are a fiction of a story.

Multigenre Artifact 2 Character Recipe

I wrote a character recipe because it showed all the different things making up the main character and author of the book my group read. I could even use steps to show how the things were added. The character recipe was actually a lot more interesting to write than I thought it would be, as well as more informative. I like how I could choose the order things were added and also what things were added, as long as they were part of the person I had chosen. I believe this accurately represents how Dallaire ended up being at the end. It was interesting to write and a good multigenre artifact.

Multigenre Artifact 3

The facebook option gave the chance to show how some people interact and some of the friends. It is a good way to tell some of the important things that happened. The posts that were written to be by him and by others show what happened. The pictures show what he looked like then as well as what he looks like now. It gives basic information about the person that the page was made for. The facebook option is a good way to tell about the person as well as some things in the story.


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