Amanda Schwab
10th Honors World Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact 1: Eulogy

I chose this particular genre to remember those who were lost due to the conflict of northern and southern Sudan. Another reason why I chose this genre was because I thought it would be a good idea to show a tribute to those who were lost. Sudan has lost so many people and I figured that they needed to be remembered. I thought the idea of making a eulogy for the people who were lost was interesting. I wanted to show that the people who were lost were people who could have had so much potential. Among those people could have been a doctor that discovered a cure for cancer. We will never know who those people would have become. We need to take this experience and learn from it to prevent it from ever happening again.

Multigenre Artifact 2: Interview

I chose this genre because I wanted to explain the journey that John had to endure. The thought of doing an interview of John Dau interested me. I wanted to show people the journey he had to go through and I thought that an interview was a perfect way to do so. I enjoyed putting the interview together because telling his story would be very beneficial to other people. His journey was very long and hard and I felt that the things that he went through needed to be told. I wanted to show that the people of Sudan had to go through experiences that no one should have to go through. John has been through such traumatic experiences, so I thought people should be informed about what happened and what is currently taking place in Sudan.

Multigenre Artifact 3: Glogster

I chose this genre because I believe that pictures can be just as powerful as words. It was enlightening putting the pictures together to make a poster to display all the hurt Sudan is suffering. I also enjoyed the way we had the freedom to put the pictures together any way we wanted. I thought it would be nice to do something artistic instead of something academic. Sudan definitely needs help and I figured that this would be a good way to show that. I wanted to show that so many people are left behind and are left homeless. I also wanted to show that people are suffering and they need as much help as they can get. I thought that by doing this it may show what a desperate situation would look like.


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