Anna Dunn
10th Honors World Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact 1

I chose to make a Glogster so that I could visually represent my my ideas about AIDS. I also chose to glog so that I could be creative and represent how strongly I feel about the subject and combine it with the severity of the AIDS epidemic. I think that this Glogster effectively show's what needs to happen in order to stop the spread of AIDS. Not only do I wish to spread awareness through this representation, but I also want to gain pity for these victims. I hope to motivate people to help these infected individuals by simply donating money for research or for a center in which these victims can find comfort.

Multigenre Artifact 2

See My Two Voice Poem Between Chanda and Her Mother!

Through this Two Voice Poem, I was able to compare the differences of two characters while showing how similar their overall outlook is towards AIDS. I chose this avenue of expression because I could show the conflicting feelings of the characters in a very powerful way. While writing this poem, I found myself overcome with new emotion about the story and a new understanding of the hardships Chanda and her mother suffered through. With this poem, I hope to depict the everyday lives of the families in Africa who are affected by AIDS and describe the questions they must ask themselves daily. Through this powerful representation, I hope to touch the hearts of my readers and make them aware of the fact that people in Africa have feelings just as we do. My goal is for people to relate to the general feelings of responsibility and abandonment that Chanda and her mother feel and be motivated to take action and help to stop the spread of AIDS in Africa.

Multigenre Artifact 3

See My Character Recipe for Chanda Kabelo!

I chose to make a character recipe so that I could show what all Chanda is made of. This genre helps me explain in a straightforward manner what type of person Chanda is and show all of her desirable characteristics. When making this recipe, I found myself respecting Chanda even more as realized all of her personality traits. Through this recipe, I hope that people will gain an understanding of how strong a person Chanda is and that there are many people just like her suffering in Africa because of AIDS who need help. I hope that many people can relate to this recipe and see many of their own characteristics in Chanda and therefore be moved to donate to AIDS victims.


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