Autumn Johnson
10th Honors World Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact #1

I chose this type of artifact mostly becasue I have never made a Glogster before. After learning what a "Glogster" was, I decided to use it because I thought it would be cool to make a poster online about my issue. In this artifact I want to convey the importance and effect of the issue of genocide. In addition, I would like to express the horrible effects of this issue on the world, and also what it has done to Sudan. The importance of this issue is shown throughout and the opposing forces of the Muslims and Christians are as well. All in all, this artifact creatively conveys genocide by pictures and words in a poster format.

Multigenre Artifact #2

I chose to make my own atwork to create a personal element into my portfolio. I wanted to show my creatively and somewhat artistic skills into this artifact. By this artwork I wanted to convey ways to solve the problem of genocide in Sudan. This artwork shows the path to the future and ways to create peace in this region through symbolism. On the left it shows the solutions and on the right it shows a path through a Sudanese village to the sky and to heaven. The connected letters in "genocide" symbolize that everyone must come together to solve this issue. Also, the quote in the bottom right conveys the forward movement with the issue in Sudan.

Multigenre Artifact #3

Event Recipe.

I chose to create an Event Recipe because I thought it was a cute idea to display the findings in my book. I used this atifact to show the mixture and causes of the issue of the Civil War and Genocide in Sudan. In addition, I wanted to do this genre of artifact because it was a short and simple way to describe the effects of genocide. By this way to display my findings, I wanted to convey the causes and severity through a way that was very easy and creative to understand. All in all, this genre was my favorite to convey the message I wanted to, and it was very enjoyable to create.

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