Brad Griner
10th Honors World Literature/ Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact 1

I chose a picture to represent one of the scenes that Ishmael described in his book A Long Way Gone. I think that the picture that I drew will send a message to anyone who reads it about how things were like in the civil war in Sierra Leone. I believe that this picture does send a strong message to viewers because it shows how often children soldiers were used in this war. Not many people realize the quantity of children soldiers in this war. I believe this image will change their mindset, and stay with them for a long time.

Multigenre Artifact 2

I chose this particular genre because I thought it would be a fun and easy way to express the things that Ishmael went through. I want to show people the horrible things Ishmael experienced through the few years that he was fighting in the army during the civil war. I think the things that he did during that time were major contributors to who he is today. For the sake of this being a wanted poster, I would like to say that I have nothing against Ishmael. This was just an idea to express his hardships.

Multigenre Artifact 3

I chose to make the character recipe so I can show people what Ishmael was really made of. This artifact helped me give the reader a simple synopsis on what Ishmaels outstanding characteristics were. Through the recipe, I hope people learn about how unique and amazing Ishmael really is, and that there are plenty of other African kids who suffered through the same hardships.


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