Bryce Stanley
10th Honors Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact 1-Eulogy (from a husband's point of view)

I chose this genre because I love to write, and I wanted to test my skill writing a short speech (even though it was about a sad topic, which I don't particularly enjoy writing about, but it did help me expand my horizons). I wanted to show that even with AIDS, a person can live a loving and fulfilling life. I suppose I also wanted to express my attitude toward Angel (a fictional character I use in my other stories-I hope that's all right). Even though I created her and am partly obligated to say this, she is an inspirational figure to me. In this eulogy, she died of AIDS, leaving a husband and many friends behind. She also left a lasting memory in each of their hearts. No matter what challenges you face in your life, you are important to others, cherished by them, and no one should tell you different. I feel as though a lot of AIDS victims-maybe even people with other illnesses or diseases-need to follow this advice. Not only would it encourage them to fight for their lives, but also to fight for their pride and dignity.

Multigenre Artifact 2-Poem: My Life Is A Treasure (free verse)

I chose this genre because-despite any complaints I may make-I have written poems before and actually enjoy it. I do best in free verse, where I can let my imagination run wild without any limitations or rules and see what forms out of it (although it started to sound like a song I knew in the beginning). I started out thinking this would be just a little description of a person living with AIDS, but then I began to imagine what it must be like from Esther's point of view (she is a character from Chanda's Secrets by Allan Stratton; she is Chanda's friend and is affected by AIDS). She was afraid at first, but with help from Chanda and the support clinic, she eventally came to terms with her disease and is starting to feel more secure and confident with herself. I think she's a wonderful example of someone dealing with AIDS. More people should be like her: surrounded by friendds who accept them and not ashamed of their condition. I also wanted to express that even with AIDS, you can have a positive outlook on life. Even though your life may be shortened, it is not over-not until you stop breathing.

Multigenre Artifact 3-Trivia Game

I chose this genre because I wanted an easy way to test people about their knowledge on AIDS (although I think I mainly focused it on AIDS in South/Sub-Saharan Africa, although that was what our project was about). It is also a way to infrom people about some facts of AIDS. I think it will bring to light how serious this problem is and how much it has grown over the years. Sometimes it's not just someone's testimony that gets to you, but the cold hard facts as well. I guess that's why, after doing two "personal accounts"-as I call them-I wanted to do something that was a little like the research we did earlier. In fact, this game is probably more informative than my other genres. It may be short, but I guarantee the answers will surprise you. I was shocked to hear how many people are affected and how many children are orphaned. AIDS can be found all over the world; its not something you can try to hide from. The people that are affected by it are real, and they need our help.

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