Cameron Ping
10th Honors World Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre 1

I chose to make a Glogster collage for my first multi-genre project. I chose this because I love being able to be creative to make a point or explain an idea. I believe that putting together a collage of pictures related to the time of the genocide is a good way to show the things that were going on. Many families were lost and people were left displaced and alone. I can convey those feelings and events through pictures on my Glogster page. On my page I placed pictures of the effected people in Rwanda. Some were of sad people that cant seem to find their way out but others are of the aftermath of the genocide. some bad due to loss but the end of the genocide can also be viewed now as a rebuilding experience. relief efforts are being made and the country can slowly recover. I believe my Glogster project helps to show all of this.

Multigenre 2

The second multi genre project I chose is the Facebook page. I thought it would be a good idea to choose this one because I am so familiar with Facebook. I also like to be creative so I figured this genre would be a fun creative challenge. The person I chose to make the page for is Hanna Jansen. Hanna is the author of the book I read, Over A Thousand Hills I Walk With You. I liked making the page because I liked being able to personalise it according to Hanna. I liked adding her friends and posting her statuses because I feel like these can really show who she is and how she was feeling during the events of this book. It really helped me to understand and connect with the characters and the author.

Multigenre 3

The final Multi genre project I have chosen is to create a time capsule for the period of time when the events in my book took place. I chose this because I thought it was a neat idea to display objects and pictures of the time period. This is a good way to show and represent everything that happened. I put in pictures of the people to show what they were going through. I also included pictures of symbols that represent the people sticking together and new horizons after the genocide. Also, in the time capsule is a knife to represent the weapons used during the genocide. I liked being able to show all of these things in the time capsule, it was an easy way to represent a very important time period.

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