Chandler Hamby
10th Honors World Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Element 1

I chose a Facebook because it can be used to show information about a person from many different angles. The person I did this multigenre element on was Paul Kagame. He was the first president elected after the the genocide ended. he had a big part in recovery. I wanted to show how even though paul didn't have to bare the burden of the genocide, he still helped Rwanda get back on their feet.

Multigenre Element 2


I did this multigenre element about a picture of when Romeo and his fellow commanders were meeting around a table discussing how to handle the genocide issue. I chose this because these men spent many hours around this table trying to decide on how to handle the current situation.

Multigenre Element 3

I did my character recipe on Romeo Dallaire. I chose this because I wanted to show the many positive characteristics of Romeo. I admire him and hope to become a man like him.


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