Darby R.
10th Honors World Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact 1

This is a replica of a possible Time Capsule that John Bul Dau may have done during his short time in the Dinka tribe. The only things he could have used were the soil from his ground, a few rocks that could have been picked up, and a small rotten chunk of beef that couldn't have been eaten. I used all of these materials to conjure up a time capsule of John Bul Dau's younger years. Even though John couldn't write at the time, I included John's name in chalk at the top because below the name, it demonstrates his own life.This capsule demonstrates how little John had when he was younger, and how unlucky he was, even before the war wrecked havoc upon him and his family.

1. I am choosing this particular genre because I want to maximize the portrayal of the difficulty that is John Dau's life. I feel as if I can make something myself that represents him, I will act as someone to look up to for those who know about and/or studying John Dau himself. By choosing this genre, I can appreciate the things I have even more because by doing something rather than simply writing about it. Additionally, I can gain a first-person's point-of-view on the difficulty of being a refugee of the Sudanese civil war.
2. Through this genre, I want to show that I am able to create something that really no American has thought about before: a lack of having something. By this, I am trying to express that us Americans have way much more than we think we do, and we really need to change our mindsets about this. By making this time capsule, I am able to capture how life would be like if we lived in John's tribe in Sudan, and how hard it would be on all of us. By creating the time capsule, I am trying to inform people that this civil war actually affected someone, especially that fact that these people now have nothing.

Multigenre Artifact 2


1. I am choosing this particular genre because I believe that it was wrong for all those people to tell John what to do once he got to America. He is able to choose his own decisions wisely, and even though this is a new territory for him, he still has friends and family back home in Africa. I think that this issue needs to be demonstrated because it is becoming too "American" to only focus on themselves, rather than others, and especially our homelands. John is somebody to look up to, not to look down to just because he helped people knowing he wouldn't receive any benefit. By choosing this genre, I am able to portray that people need to stay true to their own cultures, and even give back to them like John did, to prove that they didn't leave them behind.
2. I want to show that the war obviously affected much more people than we thought. When we think of the Sudanese civil war, we obviously focus just on Sudan, but many people have moved outside of Sudan, even to here in the US, and they are trying to help their country. I want show that this issue is bigger than we think. Just because we don't hear about it in the news very often doesn't mean that nothing is going on. Overall, with this wanted poster of John Bul Dau, I am trying to express that issues can be helped, even outside of that country, and even without knowing about it in the first place.

Multigenre Artifact 3

Sudanese Civil War Recipe

1. I am choosing this particular genre because I feel as if many people still don't understand the immense concepts that the civil war has to offer. With the recipe, it gives an overall view of the entire civil war, step by step. It even gives specific background information that is useful to know about the war. Overall, this recipe gives a much easier version and summary of how the war came about, what happened during it, and even a sense of what is happening today, if you look and convey the wordings in an intellectual manner.
2. Through this recipe, I want to show, in an easier to understand manner, the entirety of the Sudanese civil war. Even though I was the one studying the war itself, some concepts about it still confuse me, and are too vast to comprehend. By making this simple recipe, I am able to compress all the important war information in a way that even younger children could understand. I want to help people know as much as they can about this difficult and misunderstood subject, and I am very easily able to do that by making up my own "Sudanese Civil War" recipe.


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