Eric Rhonehouse
10th Honors World Literature/Composition
December 2010

Multigenre Artifact 1 Glogster

Why I picked this particular genre- I choose this particular genre becuase the comparison and contrast between the North Sudanese government and The South Sudanese government is a reflection of their differences. The way they think, act, believe and live is shown through who they choose to lead. The glogster is an easy tool to manipulate and to make a comparison with. It allows my creative side to take wing in the possibilities of organizing it.
What I want to Show- Omar Bashir is the political leader behind the past slaughters. He has destroyed village after village of the South Sudanese people. He used brute force to erradicate the South Sudanese people and have left thousands homeless and alone. He has brought nothing but sorrow and death. Many people are now not only without a home but without a family or a friend. Now they have to struggle tremendously with so little and many do not survive.
Salva Kiir is predicted to be the man that first leads Southern Sudan. He is the most popular canidate and has been a politician in the past. In this upcoming election in 2011 a president will be chosen and South Sudan will be the newest country in Africa. Salva will bring hope and prosperity to the people. His work will strive for better education among children. Both he and the people are eager for their independence.

Multigenre Artifact 2 Character Recipe
Why I picked this particular genre- Creating a character recipe sounded very different from anything else I have every done. The character recipe had me put everything that I thought was important to a lost boy into a format that was very unique and creative. The ingredients and the directions made me complete the cycle of understanding about who they were and what they went through. It made me pick a lost boy apart layer by layer and then put him back together. Once put back together I had explored the Lost boy down to basis elements and combined them into thousands of ways to produce different outcomes.
What I want to Show- These ingredients are the basic combination of a lost boy. Every Lost Boy was different but similar. They experienced the same horrific events but each reacted differently. These core ingredients combine in thousands of ways to produce a Lost Boy of Sudan. I came to see that out of thousands of combinations only few survived or moved on. Of course these events did not happend in a few days or even over the course of a few months. They lasted for years.

Multigenre Artifact 3 Wanted Poster

Why I picked this particular genre- I choose this particular genre for one reason. It was fast and creative. Some of the information such as weight and height I could not find. So I represented the weight and height as not applicable. I think the creative property of the wanted poster was magnified by Glogster. Glogster lets me create an old western looking poster, which is what I was aiming for. Plus the fact that Omar Bashir would be portrayed onto a wanted poster would be an excellent representation of his character.
What I want to show- I wanted to state something. I wanted to state that the UN is trying to convict Omar Bashir for his war crimes. He would be charged with million of deaths. If trialed and proven guilty he would face the death penalty. The United Nations is trying very hard to do this but the reason it is struggling is because they are unable to enter Sudan Safely. Once Omar has been convicted and removed from office Sudan will be a much better place.


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